The Market Garden Session lasts for 3 months and is the second component of our City Farm School Internship Program. Beginning May 29th and ending August 25th, this session focuses on urban farming and entrepreneurship through local markets. Through the summer season, interns work on the land to grow their own produce, develop a communal garden and sell it markets.  It takes place at the NDG farm at the Loyola Campus.

This stream requires 60 hours over the course of three months. If you are interested in applying for the full internship program, which begins each year in March, you can check out the full program requirements here. Please note that this is Session Two in the full market program, so if you would like to take the entire program you will need to wait until next year to enroll. You do not have to be a Concordia Student to apply.  This internship is open to everyone!

What you can expect to learn from this programme:

  • fundamental practices of organic vegetable gardening
  • principles of garden design and collective management
  • experience with managing, promoting and operating a market stand
  • an understanding of local food systems, opportunities and challenges


The programme is divided into two main components – Education and Internship.



This series of workshops is designed to familiarize student with the main theories, concepts and practices of organic agriculture.  The workshops will be presented by a number of experienced organic farmers, permaculturalists, and horticulturalists.  The goals of these workshops are to help add depth to the practical training provided in the internship. Since this is the second series of our full internship, newcomers will also have an additional workshop at the beginning to give them an introduction to topics already covered in our Greenhouse Session.




Loyola Saturday June 3rd 10:30am – 4:30pm Crop Planning
Loyola Saturday June 17th 10:30am – 4:30pm Pests & Disease Management
Loyola Saturday August 5th 10:30am – 4:30pm Beekeeping 101
Loyola Saturday August 19th 10:30am – 4:30pm Field Trip to Farm

*Some small changes may be made to the workshop topics.

Reading Group:

During the course of the year students will be given a series of readings pertaining to political issues of food and farming. Students will be able to discuss the readings during the lunch breaks of our Saturday workshops.


All students must fulfil 60 internship hours to complete this session.   Internship hours are made up of garden shifts and market shifts.  Hours spent in workshops do not count towards the total number of internship hours. The schedule will be made with you, and will not fluctuate, allowing you to plan vacation time and work around the garden. During your internship, you will work with other members of the school to manage the Loyola market garden, as well as managing your own collectively run garden plot.

All students complete 60 internship hours between  May 27 and August 25th to complete the Farm to Market Session.  The schedule will be made with you, and will not fluctuate. The garden shifts will be selected by you before the program begins – they will comprise 48 of your 60 hours.   The remaining 12 hours will be made up of Market shifts.   To select your market shifts you will be presented with a list of dates when our markets will occur.  You will then be given the opportunity to to sign up the markets you will attend in the first two weeks of the session.

Garden Shifts

During weekly garden shifts students will work directly with the CFS coordinators on the upkeep of both their collective garden plots and the Loyola Farm.   As a compliment to the full workshop schedule, our staff will offer a series of “mini-workshops” in the garden.  During the mini-workshops we will focus in on some key technical skills, taking advantage of the smaller garden shift groups.  We will also use this time to facilitate discussions on current goings-on in the world of Food Security and Urban Agriculture.  

Collective Gardens: Back by popular demand… collective garden plots!  We have divided one of our main gardens into 6 smaller garden plots. Students will be placed into groups of 5 and will be responsible for designing, planting, and managing the garden plot throughout the year. CFS staff will be meeting with you on a regular basis to discuss the progress of your garden, make suggestions, and answer your questions.  You will be allotted some time each week during the garden shifts to work collectively on your plot with your team members.

Loyola  Farm:   In this garden students will have the opportunity to work in a functioning market garden.  During the garden shifts students will participate in implementing our crop plan to maintain the productivity of the garden.  You will select which garden shift you prefer during registration.  These shifts will remain constant throughout the entire program and cannot be changed as they also determine your collective garden group.

GARDEN SHIFT OPTIONS ( One four hour shift a week, Select one shift)

MONDAYS  Morning Shift: 9am – 1pmAfternoon Shift: 1:30-5:30pm
 WEDNESDAYS  Morning Shift: 9am – 1pmAfternoon Shift: 1:30-5:30pm
 FRIDAYS  Morning Shift: 9am – 1pmAfternoon Shift: 1:30-5:30pm

During registration you will select which your weekly shift.  Once assigned, your shift cannot be changed.

Market Shifts

Bringing your produce to market is one of the most rewarding aspects of this internship.  Ever popular with our neighbours our ultra local market will take place once again right on site at the Loyola farm.  New to 2016, we will be partnering with the NDG food depot to set up mobile markets in the community.    Students are expected to help in all aspects of the market – promotions, harvesting, packaging and selling.  At the beginning of the summer session, students will be presented with a sign-up sheet listing all of the markets we will hold.  Students  will sign up in advance for the markets they will attend.  Each student must complete a minimum of 12 hours at the markets between May 25th and August 19th.




COST: $275 What does the cost cover? The tuition covers the cost of the 5 workshops, materials such as readings and supplies students take home, as well as the training you will receive from the CFS coordinators.

BURSARIES: We are offering a bursary program for those who need financial assistance and a bursary application is available here. We will need your bursary application at the same time as your application to the program. For more information, please email cityfarmschool.media@gmail.com

Registration is now closed. We will host interviews at the end of April after all application have been received. All students will be notified within a week of their interview if they have been selected for the school.